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Thursday, March 14, 2013

11 Ways to Increase Repeats and Referrals

Looking for tips on how you can build your replacement windows business? Need to find a way to sell more energy efficient doors? Then click HERE to read the story "11 Ways to Increase Repeats and Referrals" from the editors at Professional Remodeling magazine.

You already know that increased referrals reduce sales and marketing expenses; now your friends at Simonton Windows and Professional Remodeling help you find out how you can bring repeat business to your company that will increase sales of vinyl windows!

The details are in the story (again, click HERE!) but here are the walk-away, top-line ideas:

1. Communicate clearly and set expectations

2. Use third part survey and feedback services

3. Establish a clear process to make the most out of referrals

4. Commit to exceed client expectations

5. Create a referrals reward program

6. Simply ask for feedback from clients

7. Incorporate feedback to improve your business

8. Make your designers the face of the company

9. Social media doe work

10. Assist non-clients

11. Establish and maintain good client relationships

Looking for more ways to grow your business? Join the free Simonton ProNetwork program to gain marketing assistance, training and get rewards for purchasing new construction vinyl windows and vinyl replacement windows!


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