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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

330+ Energy-Efficient Simonton Windows Installed in Taos Haus + 6 Project

As part of the construction process last month for a 30-unit project in Taos, New Mexico, more than 330 energy-efficient Simonton windows were installed in the new Taos Haus + 6 Project.

"Getting these easy-care vinyl windows installed in this affordable housing development brings us a step closer to completion of the project," says Andrew Gonzales of WeatherGard Windows and Doors in Taos, New Mexico, a Simonton dealer. "All the windows selected for this project are extremely energy efficient, which should help save on energy bills for future residents."

Designed by Living Designs Group Architects out of Taos, the project features two different types of glass packages in Simonton DaylightMaxwindows. The glass packages were selected to best handle the extreme solar conditions of Taos.

For areas of the project receiving the most direct sunlight, Simonton 366 ProSolar Shade glass packages are being installed. And, for those areas on the side of the building  with less sunlight, the Simonton ProSolar Sun glass package will be used. These extremely energy-efficient Low E glass packages provide a unique combination of low heat loss and higher solar heat gain (SHGC) for the project. These windows will help the Taos Haus + 6 Project qualify for a zero carbon footprint designation.

"There are 24 free-standing houses, a six-unit apartment building and a community building in this project," says Douglas Patterson, AIA, president of Living Designs Group Architects. "The windows are an important part of the overall energy efficiency of this complex. We've also developed a well insulated envelope with a strong HVAC system and foundation. This is a high performance project that provides a simple, elegant solution to the rising needs for affordable housing in Taos.

"The Simonton windows meet our needs on this project for energy efficient, low maintenance products that meet our desire to create aesthetically-appealing units. These windows were affordable for this project and are helping us construct reliable, efficient living space for Taos residents."

The unique frame design of DaylightMax windows allows for a greater viewing area. The windows are designed to meet and exceed the requirements of ENERGY STAR® windows and have all received AAMA Gold Certification, reflecting excellence of construction and testing.

"These are the best windows we could envision for this project," says Gonzales, a recently-elected City of Taos Council Member. "Using two different glass packages in the same building takes energy efficiency steps to the next level of construction. All these windows are  dependable and backed by a terrific warranty. These windows will provide the Taos House + 6 Project with long-term durability, low maintenance and energy efficiency."

For another story on energy-efficient Simonton windows see Simonton Windows Selected for DOE Cool Energy House Project in Florida.


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