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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

4,000-Square Foot Solar Home Heated for Just $2.50 a Day

Seven years ago homeowner John Kosmer supervised the construction of his passive solar house in upstate New York. Since that time he's averaged just $2.50 a day to heat his 4,000-square foot home.

"Despite rising fuel costs and dropping outside temperatures, this house continues to perform remarkably," says Kosmer. "This past winter has been especially brutal with temperatures regularly at or below the teens. Yet we've spent just $400 in propane and $550 in wood to keep our home always heated to between 69 and 75 degrees. Average that out with the rest of the year and it cost us $2.63 per day. Last year we averaged just $2.36 per day because it wasn't as cold outside. Overall, we've consistently seen a cost of just $2.50 a day for heating during the past seven years."

Kosmer credits the construction process of his southern-facing home and the use of energy efficient products for his long-term savings. "We have 53 Simonton windows in this home that were constructed with an Argon gas filling, double glazing and Low E Softcoat," says Kosmer. "These windows are ENERGY STAR compliant and one of the best investments I made to save on our energy bills.

“We've found the vinyl frames on these windows offer superior energy efficiency capabilities. Our casement windows close up very tightly to minimize sound penetration and help eliminate any air infiltration from the regular 30 mph winds we experience here. As a bonus, the vinyl has been maintenance-free during the past seven years, which is a big plus as we get older."

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