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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

5 More Tips for Safely Handling Broken Glass

It can happen to anyone. One minute you’re cleaning a gutter, and the next minute the ladder goes through a window and you take a tumble. You’re safe thankfully, but the window glass has broken everywhere. If this happens to you, there are some tips from the experts at Simonton Windows that can safely help you clean up the mess.

            Tip #1 - To dispose of glass, carefully put it in a durable container (such as a sturdy box or plastic container) and label “broken glass.” Do not dispose of glass shards in plastic bags.

            Tip #2 – If a window is broken, do not try to “knock out” remaining glass in the frame. Safely remove the loose and fallen pieces of glass and then contact a professional to repair or replace the window.

            Tip #3 – Immediately post a warning sign and/or secure the area where there is broken glass until it can be cleaned up successfully.

            Tip #4 - If your entire window glass is broken out, cover the window to help prevent additional accidents or inclement weather from coming into the home. Usually you can tape cardboard over the opening or heavy plastic as a temporary fix.

            Tip #5 - If the glass in your window gets broken, do not replace it yourself. Some windows have insulating glass units that contain harmless Argon gas that helps increase in the window’s energy efficiency. A replacement unit should be ordered and installed by a professional that perfectly matches the original window.





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