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Thursday, June 14, 2012

5 Tips for Selecting Replacement Windows

           When it comes time to replace the older windows on your home, make sure you make selections that add both style and return-on-investment to your home. The experts at Simonton Windows offer these suggestions:

            Tip #1 – Request ENERGY STAR® qualified windows and doors for your home to help lower energy bills.

            Tip #2 – Select vinyl windows with unique options, like those found in the Decorum™ by Simonton series, to add style and decorative appeal to your home. With this product line, you can choose exterior window frames in Brick, Tan, Pine, Driftwood, Cream, Chocolate and Bronze. You can even request interior frames in woodgrains of Antique Cherry, Contemporary Oak and Maple.

            Tip #3 – If you live near an airport or in a busy neighborhood, request laminated glass or double-paned windows to help reduce noise transmission into your home.

            Tip #4 – For hard-to-open window locations (such as above a kitchen sink) replace existing windows with a Garden window. This mini-greenhouse style features dual, fully-operational casement side windows that crank open to bring air and sunlight into the room. As a bonus, you can grow small plants on the shelves or use the space for displaying collectibles.

            Tip #5 – If your home was constructed before 1978, make sure to hire a window replacement expert certified in lead safe renovations (see Many homes built prior to 1978 had paint on the exterior and in the window cavities that contain lead so it’s critical to use a qualified window contractor to remove that paint when windows are replaced.

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