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Monday, October 28, 2013

Apartment Complex Lowers Energy Bills With Simonton Windows

Forty years after their construction, the apartment exteriors at the La Habra Woods complex were in bad shape. The wood around the aluminum-framed windows was rotting and the windows themselves were leaking air and had no energy efficiency features to combat the searing California sun.

In 2007 the management group at La Habra Woods hired Republic Windows and Doors out of Anaheim to replace the old windows in 127 apartment units with energy-efficient Simonton windows and patio doors.

"Many apartments in this complex are positioned as corner units offering wall-to-wall windows and doors," says John Gunnison with Republic Windows & Doors. "Because of this maximized exposure to the sun it was important that we installed Simonton products with Low E and Argon gas fill. These units are double glazed and can actually help lower energy bills. They also help keep harmful UV rays out of the apartments which can cause fading on furnishings, carpets and window treatments."

For maximum ventilation and views, white vinyl Slider windows and sliding Patio Doors from Simonton were used extensively in the complex renovation. "Our residents are really enjoying the ease-of-use of the Simonton products," says Ernie Schroeder, president of Schroeder Management Company that operates the La Habra Woods complex. "They especially appreciate the cost savings to their energy bills because of the quality of the Simonton products and their energy efficiencies."

For more energy efficiency information on windows, visit Sunscreen for Your Home.

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