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Thursday, September 5, 2013

Architect Impressed with Simonton Windows

When architect Scott Darnell, AIA, was presented with a wish list of items for a 10,000-square-foot Georgian farmhouse style home, he wasn't surprised to see the word "WINDOWS" in all caps from the homeowners.

"This home's design explodes with light," says Darnell, principal of Darnell Design. "Where most people would be happy having several mulled window units, these homeowners encouraged me to add more light so I topped off the units with transom windows."

Darnell knew he needed a window manufacturer with versatility to handle the multiple requirements for the window package and found his clear choice was Simonton Windows. He selected Simonton ProFinish Master windows with a tan frame and Colonial Sculptured grids.

"Using so many windows in the design meant we had an urgent need for a frame insulator that would provide superior energy efficiency," says Darnell. "Vinyl is definitely that frame. Along with being extremely easy to maintain Simonton vinyl windows are durable and excellent insulators.

"Every challenge we threw at Simonton in the design and order placement stages was met with calm efficiency. They effortlessly created mulled Casement and Double Hung units with customized grids. And, they were able to do all this for an 86-window order in just seven days. That's impressive."

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