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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Architects Reflections on Simonton Windows

"We have almost daily storms here in Florida in the summer with wind-driven rain. With wood window frames, that's a huge problem because the frames get saturated and tend to rot. Solid vinyl frames, like those found on Simonton products, are a plus for any Florida resident."

                                                Daniel Dawson, AIA

                                                Daniel Thayer Dawson Architect  - Florida


"Architects and builders are increasingly moving toward low maintenance vinyl windows for homes of all sizes and styles."

                                                John Lively

                                                John Lively and Associates - Texas


"Every challenge we threw at Simonton in the design and order placement stages was met with calm efficiency. They were able to provide us with Low E/Argon-filled windows that are ENERGY STAR qualified to help the family lower energy bills.

"They effortlessly created mulled Casement and Double Hung units with customized Colonial sculptured grids. And they were able to do all this for an 86-window order in just seven days. That's impressive."

                                                Scott Darnell, AIA

                                                Darnell Design - Georgia


"The easy-to-open Simonton Casement windows in the (Kendal on Hudson) project distinctly enhance the overall look of the complex and allow its residents to bring fresh air into their apartments."

                                                Adam Thinger

                                                Perkins Eastman Architects - New York

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