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Thursday, May 9, 2013

Checklist for Hiring a Window Installer - Part II

Congratulations! You're ready to replace the older windows in your home with energy-efficient vinyl home windows. You've made a smart choice in selecting a Simonton Reflections 5500 or Simonton Asure product line, now you just need to find a window installer.

To help make your life easier once you start interviewing potential installers, the Simonton team has come up with this list of questions to ask potential installers:

    • How long have you been in business?
    • How long have you been installing replacement windows?
    • Have you ever been sued?
    • Are you licensed and registered with our state?
    • How many window installation products have you done in the past 12 months?
    • Will my project require a permit? If so, will you obtain it for the project?
    • What building codes must be followed for this project?
    • What safety precautions will you take on this project?
    • May I have a list of references for at least four previous clients?
    • What projects are you currently working on and can I visit the jobsites?
    • Will you be using subcontractors for this project? If so, can you supply all insurance and licenses for them?
    • Do you carry personal liability, worker’s compensation and property damage insurance coverage?
    • Are you bonded?
    • What is your requested payment schedule for a window installation project?
    • How do you prefer payment? (do not pay cash)
    • Which manufacturer’s windows have you installed in the past?
    • How long do you think my window replacement will take from start to finish?
    • Is disposal of my current windows covered in the price of the project?
    • What kind of written warranties or guarantees do you offer on your services?
    • Which window brands do you recommend and why?
    • Where do you purchase the windows for your projects?

These are a listing of just some items homeowners should consider before hiring a contractor or window installer. Check with your local Better Business Bureau, homebuilder’s association and other local professional organizations for additional suggestions. And, for more details on Simonton products, click HERE.





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