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Thursday, October 3, 2013

Clock Tower Project Resists Sea Air

Located just one block from the Pacific Ocean, the four-story Clock Tower project features 70 energy-efficient Simonton Impressions windows and four contemporary style patio doors.

The saturation of salty sea air and coastal fog inspired building owner Richard Bulan to select the low-maintenance vinyl windows.

"Very few materials can be successfully used here because of the corrosion problems," says Bulan. "No matter how foggy it gets, the vinyl on the Simonton products will never rot, pit or corrode. Even more importantly, the windows and doors in this project meet all ENERGY STAR guidelines. These energy-efficient units help us save on energy bills every day."

Located in the downtown Pacifica, California area, the 10,000-square-foot Clock Tower houses a real estate center, office space and condos. Exterior decks, plus an observatory in the Clock Tower, connect workers and residents with coastal views.

"Simonton products offer us exceptional energy efficiency features, can stand up to our seaside conditions and have many green building product features that I like," says Bulan.

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