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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Contractors Comment About Simonton Windows

Ever wonder what builders, remodelers and contractors really think about Simonton replacement windows and new construction windows? Now's your chance to find out ...

"Simonton Windows has been our preferred window company since 2004. We get the strength, beauty, low-maintenance and energy efficiency features our clients desire all in one product line. Our customer's expectations are extremely high because we're building them a once-in-a-lifetime custom home. We always strive to exceed their expectations and Simonton Windows helps us do that on a regular basis."

            Heather Babb

            Babb Custom Homes  - South Carolina

"These Simonton StormBreaker Plus windows are constructed of an outer layer of tempered (breakable) glass and an inner layer of impact-resistant laminated glass. A durable interlayer sandwiched between panes of the laminated glass prevents the puncturing of the glass from flying debris during severe weather. That gives the homeowners tremendous peace-of-mind."

                        Mark Asaro

                        Precision Builders of Pinellas, Inc. - Florida

"The window package came exactly as ordered, with no problems, and installation went smoothly. I rely on Simonton Windows to provide my window packages complete and on time, and they have never let me down."

                        Steve McGovern

                        McGovern Construction Company - Georgia

"We've used ProFinish Builder windows as the standard in our homes for more than 20 years. These windows are proven winners. They complement the look and style of our homes while providing energy efficiency, low maintenance and durability features that our homebuyers find extremely valuable."

                        Jim Downard

                        Fischer Homes - Kentucky

"Positioning and installing these Simonton windows was extremely easy. The triple-mulled unit went in just as smoothly as the individual Double Hung windows. The long integral nailing fins and exterior J-channel configuration on the window frames really helps eliminate on-site preparation time. From an installer's viewpoint, we were especially impressed with the beveled exteriors and welded construction that helped ensure squareness and structural integrity of each unit."

                        Travis Gould

                        Gould Construction - Georgia

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