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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Curved Wall of Windows

In Sacramento, California, summer is almost a 10-month season. In an area that far exceeds the U.S. average in daily sunshine, northern California residents are used to moderate temperatures and minimal precipitation.

To maximize the great weather where they live, the Miller family renovated their 30-year old home to capture views and sunlight. A major focus of the home remodeling effort was creating an expansive curved bank of 10 floor-to-ceiling vinyl home windows that overlook the family’s swimming pool.

The wall of replacement windows wraps snugly around the curve of the pool. A new four-panel replacement patio door continues the flow of glass in the home and allows fast and easy access to the covered outdoor eating area next to the pool deck.

“These energy efficient windows and doors make us feel extremely connected to the outside of our home,” says homeowner Linda Miller. “Now there is more glass than wall space in the back of this house. With that in mind, we invested a great deal of time researching and selecting the best possible vinyl replacement windows we could install. Energy efficiency and low maintenance were our top goals. We gained both when we chose Simonton vinyl windows and doors.”

By specifying a Super Spacer® System, Argon gas-filled insulated units and LoE² glass, the Millers ended up with products that won’t strip their bank account when the monthly energy bill is due. “There’s no sense in having this many windows and then keeping the blinds down to keep out the sunlight,” says Miller. “The Sensor glass package we have in these windows and doors keeps us cool on the inside without us worrying that harmful ultraviolet rays will come through and fade our carpeting.

“One of the best aspects of the home replacement windows so far has been their durability. The vinyl frames act as a terrific insulator and require minimal upkeep. This lets us spend more time enjoying our home than maintaining it!”


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