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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Dr. Frank Takes Swing at Simonton StormBreaker Plus Windows

To launch homeowners into the 2013 Hurricane Season, Dr. Frank of "What's New Dr. Frank" made a special appearance on the nationally syndicated The Daily Buzz television morning show on May 31st.

During his segment on "Preparing Your Home for Severe Weather," Dr. Frank and one of the show's hosts took sledge hammers and crowbars to impact-resistant Simonton StormBreaker Plus windows. As anticipated, the glass fractured, but stayed in the frame.

The thick, invisible plastic interlayer in the window's glass package keeps the glass from breaking and falling out of the frame. Manufactured within Simonton’s durable vinyl frames, the glass also helps prevent noise from entering the home and is very energy-efficient.

As Dr. Frank showcased, both Simonton StormBreaker Plus windows and Simonton windows with the SafePoint glass package feature impact-resistant glass that resists flying debris, baseball bats, bricks, sledge hammers and even crowbars.

Whether you reside in a coastal area or an inland area subject to severe wether or burglary attempts, energy-efficient impact-resistant glass packages in durable Simonton vinyl-framed windows are a smart investment for the home!

Click HERE to see the segment that everyone's talking about ... and visit Prepare Your Home for 2013 Hurricane Season for more tips on getting your house ready for severe weather.






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