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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Earth Day Message: Vinyl Windows Better Than Wood

When it comes to making a decision on the type of replacement window to select for the home, there are a multitude of options to consider. From glass packages to window styles, the choices can seem daunting. However, according to contractor Mark Clement, co-host of the MyFixitUpLife home improvement radio show, the decision on which frame to select is the easiest choice.

“Vinyl window frames are the slam-dunk choice for replacement windows,” says Clement. “Their low maintenance aspects, insulating value and appearance make them the ideal selection for all styles of homes across America.”

Clement, who has installed Simonton vinyl windows in his own historic home in Pennsylvania, believes the days of scraping, staining and painting wood windows are gone. “Old-school wood windows have such high maintenance requirements that their popularity has dwindled significantly in recent years,” says Clement. “With vinyl windows all that’s needed is a quick washing to keep them looking new year-after-year.

“Some homeowners insist they like the look of real wood in a window. I tell them terrific … check out the realistic woodgrain laminate options on vinyl framed windows and save yourself all the maintenance hassles associated with real wood!”

Clement cites the Decorum® by Simonton product options as a way to achieve the look of wood on vinyl windows. Interior woodgrain laminates are available on these vinyl home windows in Oak, Cherry, Maple and other wood species. And, on the exterior, homeowners can choose a multitude of color options such as Pine, Bronze, Brick, Chocolate and Driftwood to complement the home’s style.

“Vinyl window manufacturers have made such significant advances in the look of vinyl windows and the options available to homeowners over the past decade that they meet design, energy and budget needs like never before,” says Clement. “Best of all, the woodgrain laminate interiors and exterior colors on these windows will never peel, chip or need to be stained like solid wood windows. And, vinyl resists abrasion, salt air, corrosion, termites, rot and air pollutants --- all of which negatively affect wood windows and mean constant upkeep.”

Click HERE for details on why vinyl windows are better for your home. And, for colorful Decorum information see Embracing Color on Your Home and Eye-Popping Colorful Simonton Windows.


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