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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Easy-to-Install Window Trim Options

So, you’ve got great Simonton windows on your home, but you’re looking for a way to make them “pop” more on your house. No problem. Easy-to-install decorative accents like mouldings, window crossheads and shutters from Fypon can add instant curb appeal to any home.

“With so many options for enhancing window exteriors using lightweight polyurethane products, even the most novice do-it-yourselfer can change a window exterior from boring to beautiful in a short time,” says Niki Decker with Fypon. “If you can use a tape measure, a hammer and a caulk gun, you can transform your window exteriors!”

Ideal for all types of climates, urethane pieces come in three different lightweight window enhancements --- in smooth paintable white, in stainable woodgrain texture, and in a realistic stone to resemble traditional cast concrete. Each durable piece comes pre-primed and ready to install. And, all products resist moisture, insect infestations, rotting, warping, cracking and splitting.

Window accent pieces available from Fypon include:

Crossheads – Decorative crossheads “sit” on the top of a window and add a regal “come look at me” feel to windows. They can be plain or detailed … with keystones in the center to draw attention or dentil trim along the length of the crosshead to suit traditional home styles.

Pediments – Stylish and eye-catching, pediments also sit above windows. From curved and peaked sunbursts to triangular peaked cap, acorn and rams head styles, pediments are the most dramatic way to draw attention to your window exteriors.

Pilasters –Not all window enhancements sit on top of the window unit. Usually intended to flank the sides of entry doors, pilasters can also be cut down to run vertically up the sides of windows. Pilasters can be smooth and plain, or have a “fluted” recessed design.

Mouldings - Perhaps the easiest way to surround a window is with flat or decorative trim and plinth blocks. This fast project requires no miter cuts because the plinth blocks are put in all four corners of the window exterior and butt up to straight cuts of smooth, paintable trim pieces.

Shutters – Another popular way to draw attention to the sides of vinyl windows is to add a set of decorative shutters. Available in louvered and raised panel styles that are smooth and paintable, shutters provide the perfect way to carry an accent color throughout the exterior of your home. Or, timber shutters in board, plank and louvered styles can be stained to imitate the look of wood on a home without all the maintenance hassles of real wood.

Window Panels – To add depth to the look of a new construction or replacement window, flat and raised panels can be added below the window unit and then enclosed entirely with trim.

A variety of Fypon installation instructions and tips can be found at Visit for inspiration and ideas for enhancements to the entire home using Fypon products.

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