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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Embracing Color on Your Home

The growing trend of homeowners staying in their existing houses longer due to economic challenges has had a colorful effect on homes. People are taking the opportunity to personalize their homes more with colorful exterior accents --- and they’re not stopping with just a splash of paint.

            According to national color expert Kate Smith, homeowners are taking steps to express their personalities by adding color to everything from their roofs to their entry doors to their window frames.

            “Today’s homeowners are looking beyond variations of whites and beiges to set off the key accent points of their homes, such as louvers, trim and window frames,” says Smith, president of Sensational Colors. “With the realization that they’re going to be staying in their current houses longer comes the commitment by people to truly personalize their homes. This has resulted in eye-catching neighborhoods.

            According to Smith, one of the hottest trends for exterior enhancements is to select vinyl windows with exterior color frames that complement the overall look of the home. She cites the Decorum® by Simonton product line as one that offers everything consumers are looking for --- color, energy efficiency, style and low maintenance.

          “Simonton offers exterior window frame colors of brick red, pine green, bronze, driftwood and chocolate that perfectly match up with the earthy colors homeowners gravitate to for their home exteriors,” says Smith. “These same colors can be drawn out further on trim elements of the home along with being component colors of the roof and entry door.

            “A window is like a two-sided canvas. The colors on the frame exteriors enhance the home’s overall appearance from the street. And, then when you get inside and select stylish woodgrain frame interiors and premium hardware finishes, you’re adding beauty to the room settings. That’s a ‘win-win’ experience for any homeowner.”

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