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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Free “Simonton Service Solutions”

Need to know the best way to store your window screens? Not sure how to replace a window sash? Looking for step-by-step instructions to adjust the alignment of your window? Simonton Service Solutions can help.

Located at, Simonton Service Solutions offers a comprehensive array of detailed how-to information, including videos, written directions, links to helpful websites and personalized support.

Simonton Service Solutions empowers consumers to quickly learn more about their Simonton windows and doors,” says Christine Prince, director of post sales service for Simonton Windows. “The easy click-through areas of this website provide quick access to expert advice on product care and maintenance, diagnostic check guides, product warranties, installation instructions and technical product support for all homeowners.”

A special feature of Simonton Service Solutions is a series of 14 different instructional videos, covering topics such as sash replacement for different window styles, adjusting patio door locks, screen removal and weatherization. Downloadable, written step-by-step instructions accompany each video. Topics in the series include:

  • Sash Replacement (Double Hung)
  • Pivot Bar Replacement (Double Hung)
  • Half Screen Removal (Double Hung)
  • Full Screen Removal (Double Hung)
  • Sash Alignment (Double Hung)
  • Weep Hole Cover Replacement
  • Sash Replacement (Slider)
  • Half/Full Screen Removal (Slider)
  • Sash Adjustment (Casement)
  • Balance Replacement (Double Hung)
  • Lock Adjustment (Patio Door)
  • Roller Adjustment (Patio Door)
  • Screen Adjustment (Patio Door)
  • Weatherization (Caulking to help eliminate air infiltration, etc.)


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