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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Green Builder Relies on Simonton Windows

Builder Pat Patteson believes in change --- when appropriate. The custom home builder out of Emerald Isle, North Carolina has constructed more than 100 homes during the past 20 years. In recent years he embraced the challenge of building green, and was pleased to learn that his preferred window manufacturer --- Simonton Windows --- was more than ready for the challenge.

“When I began building homes back in the 1990s, I looked for the best window product on the market for the weather conditions of island living,” says Patteson, owner of Island Homes by Pat Patteson. “That search brought me to Simonton Windows. I’ve never deviated. When codes changed in our state, I didn’t need to switch products because Simonton already met the code requirements. When rules in our area required all third floor windows and above to be impact-resistant, Simonton StormBreaker Plus® products were already there for me.

 “I don’t believe in just throwing money at being green. I believe that building green must make ‘cents and sense’ for the homeowner --- and Simonton energy-efficient products are so energy efficient that that they help homeowners substantially lower their energy costs. After two decades, I’ve got a true partnership with this company and only recommend their products.”


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