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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

HGTV Designer Provides Tips for Decorating Windows and Doors for the Holidays

Still looking for design inspiration for the holidays? Then focus on your windows and doors. That’s the recommendation of designer David Bromstad of HGTV’s Design Star, Color Splash and The White Room Challenge television shows.

“A home’s windows and doors are a natural backdrop for encouraging holiday design elements,” says Bromstad, president of David Bromstad Designs. “Especially during the evening, you get a warm glow coming from a home’s interior that reaches out as an invitation to guests. I always recommend making that invitation go a bit further by decorating windows and doors as part of a family’s holiday festivities.”

Bromstad recommends that homeowners are careful with how they adhere decorations to key aspects of the home --- especially windows and doors --- that are used for exiting in case of an emergency. He suggests taking the advice of manufacturers, such as Simonton Windows and Therma-Tru Doors, regarding the proper way to decorate windows and doors in the home. Both manufacturers recommend never drilling into, or puncturing, the frame or sash of windows or doors. Such action can damage the units and void the product’s warranty. Instead, use removable hangers or attach decorations from above the frames.

Known for his “out of the box” design ideas, Bromstad recommends the following holiday decorating tips for the home:

Tip #1 – Drape live garland around window and door frame interiors and exteriors. Add something whimsical to the simple greenery such as snowball ornaments, clothes pins that hold up brass jingle balls, miniature wrapped presents or handmade ornaments made by family members.

Tip #2 – Welcome the sounds of the holidays by attaching an old-fashioned leather strap with jingle bells on the front door of the home. Instead of nailing decorations to the door, use Command hooks from 3M that can easily be removed after the holidays without damaging the door.

Tip #3 – Create a winter wonderland inside the home by having the family create dozens of paper snowflakes. Hang them from the ceiling in the entryway and from curtain rods on windows with fishing line to create a snowy climate for the entire holiday season.

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