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Monday, July 7, 2014

Low Down with Doug: Lead Generation

We had the opportunity to chat with our sales training expert, Doug DeLuca, and pick his brain about generating leads. If you missed the chat on Twitter don't worry! We transcribed the conversation for you below. 


Q1: There are a lot of ways to generate leads. What are some best practices?


- We cover lead gen best practices in our Master Consultant Training

- Some of my favorites are the low cost, high return methods such as door hangers, but with a twist. Use door hangers to get acquainted with the neighbors.


Q2: How important are referrals?


- This is my favorite topic. Asking for a referral is important, but timing and how you ask is paramount

- According to, 91% of customers will give a referral, but no one asks

- Referrals close at a national average of 70%, where new leads only close at 35%

- In the Master Consultant training, we show a way to ask [for referrals] which shows a 50% rate of return

- Every consultant should ALWAYS ask for a referral! Worst case, you will get a testimony from the customer

- Some companies make a living only off of referrals - it is that important!


Q3: What about testimonials? What can they do for your business?


- Testimonials and peer opinion in the decision making process are huge for customers

- Sharing testimonials online is also very important. In fact 91% of customers begin the process online

- In a @SimontonWindows survey, 98% stated that opinion of peers was VERY important

- If 98% say it is important, and 91% look online prior to a decision, the two should be used together

- There is no better partnership than utilizing the web to share your testimonials


Q4: Is social effective in generating leads? Why is it important?


- Social media is a great place to connect with your existing and potential customers

- There is a company in TX which uses FB, Twitter and YouTube effectively

- They not only show before and after pics, which everyone should, but they also join the three for promotions twice per year taking unsold leads for a giveaway, broadcasting winners on video on the three. In fact, thier giveaway was shown on news

- Social media is a great way for branding as well. Over 90% of adults have a presence in social media.

- Couple that with the need for online research prior to a decision, and the importance of social media becomes necessary

- And remember, social media is FREE (cheap at twice the price!)


Q5: Are there organizations you should be a part of? That can help drive business?


- There are numerous resources out there for becoming an expert at lead generation

- Some of my favorites are on LinkedIn and I am always searching for more. Some examples include:

- LinkedIn groups: Sales best practices, In-home sales professionals

- These types of discussion boards are a wealth of knowledge and sharing best practices

- Learn tips from those willing to share what works best. We also share best practices through Master Consultant training

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