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Friday, December 27, 2013

Letting in the Sun with Simonton Windows

Atlanta homeowners Karen and Brent Haggerty love their home, but disliked the dark, sun-blocked interior. Solution? Transform a screened-in porch into a year-round sunroom that allows light to flow into the home.

"Our goals for this project were to gain much-needed living space for our family plus brighten up our home's interior," says Karen Haggerty. "We have a great backyard and wanted to see more of it. A 'sunny sunroom' was the perfect solution."

Before getting started on the project, the Haggerty family did their homework on the type and style of windows they wanted to invest in. "All our research kept leading us back to Simonton windows," says Haggerty. "The J. D. Power and Associates high ranking four years in a row was very impressive and made us pay special attention to the Simonton products. After that, we saw the window profile, researched the energy efficiency of the units and talked to people about the quality of the windows. All the research confirmed our decision that Simonton vinyl home windows were the best choice for us."

With the project now complete, the Haggertys enjoy meals and many family activities in the comfortable sunroom. During their relaxing moments, Haggerty reflects that home expansion projects have their challenges.

"Any remodeling project can be stressful," says Haggerty. "My best advice to other homeowners would be to do all your research on products, installers and county code requirements beforehand. And, for major renovations, get an architect involved to create drawings of the project.

"For example, our new sunroom required larger support beams between the windows versus the beams that were on the screened porch. Those cut down on the actual size of the windows we could install, so our view isn't as open as it was before. We didn't expect that. With architectural drawings, we would have understood up front the exact size of the windows and our expectations would have been more in line with reality. That's an investment I wish we had made.

"As they say, remodeling is an adventure. And, even though we dealt with a few challenges, they all melt away now into a distant memory when we're in the sunroom. We love the added living space plus all the natural sunlight that flows in through those Simonton windows!"

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