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Friday, December 13, 2013

Mission: Create a Simple Mission Statement

Here's a follow-up from Rick Davis, president of Building Leaders, to our blog earlier this week on writing a business plan. He reminds everyone that a Mission Statement is often one of the best places to get started with a plan --- as long as you keep it simple.

"I see company mission/vision statements that are consistently the same and equally ineffective. Yours might say something like, "We are a company dedicated to serving our customers with value and service while offering the best products at a fair price in an environment where safety is our top priority for employees, offer growth opportunities with liberty and justice for all." If so, then you need to make it simpler.

A vision statement should be something that resonates with simplicity and meaning. For example, "We help you make money."  Or, "You get your stuff on time."  Or, "We make it easy to do business."   In other words, give your customers a simple statement of commitment that anchors your employees to a simple mission.

If it isn't simple, it won't be remembered."

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