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Monday, December 23, 2013

One-Stop Service Solutions

You're on the jobsite and need to replace a weep hole cover ... and you need some expert advice. Or, there's a balance replacement on a double hung unit scheduled for this afternoon and your newest team member seems a bit baffled on how to tackle the project. Where do you turn?

If you're working on a Simonton home window replacement project, the answer is easy. Go to How-To Videos section of Simonton Service Solutions on the Simonton website!

On this site you'll find 14 different videos of fast tips for installers, rated from easy to advanced, to get you moving quickly onto your next project. Visit this site for expert advice on the following topics:

            - Sash Alignment for a Double Hung

            - Sash Replacement for a Double Hung

            - Pivot Bar Replacement for  a Double Hung

            - Half Screen Removal for a Double Hung

            - Full Screen Removal for a Double Hung

            - Weep Hole Cover Replacement

            - Sash Replacement Slider

            - Screen Removal Slider

            - Sash Adjustment Casement

            - Weatherization of Windows and Doors

            - Lock Adjustment for a Patio Door

            - Roller Adjustment for a Patio Door

            - Screen Adjustment for a Patio Door

            - Balance Replacement for a Double Hung

You'll also find the Simonton Service Solutions site is a great resource for Product Care and Installation Instructions. And, if you need more assistance that you find on our site, just call Simonton Service Solutions at 800-746-6704!

Visit Navigating the Simonton Website for more resources from the experts at Simonton Windows!


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