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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Renovating The Raritan Inn

A project undertaken by builder Bill Asdal, the 4,000-square foot Victorian home, barn garage and adjoining 1,500-square foot cottage are all now home of The Raritan Inn, a quaint bed-and-breakfast.

"How many chances do you have to transform a piece of history into a future landmark?" says Asdal, president of Asdal Builders. "Every product we included in this renovation was heavily scrutinized for the energy efficiency value it would bring to the project. When it came to the windows, we needed to replace old, single-pane wood windows with incredibly efficient windows.

"The selection of Simonton windows was critical to the success of this project. The ENERGY STAR qualified Simonton windows provide an insulating value more than three times better than uncoated single-pane units. We selected a Low E glass packaged filled with Argon gas. Combined with the great insulating factor of the vinyl frames, these windows are the perfect match for this restoration."

The 92 windows installed in the homestead's buildings helped the project meet the goal of SEER (Systems Engineering for Energy Retrofits) of a 90 percent reduction in energy consumption.

"The reason to put such a massive effort into this farmstead is so it can serve as a model for future retrofit projects," says Asdal. "There's a growing need to remodel smarter and to save energy. This project --- and the valuable products used --- serve as a benchmark for future rehab projects all across the country."

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