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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Rewriting History with Simonton Windows

Imagine living in a home constructed more than 160 years ago that still had the original windows and primary structural features. For the Draper family, the appeal was instant. However, after their first winter in the 3,500-square foot structure, it became obvious a major remodel was in order --- starting with the windows.

"Every room was impacted by the renovation," says homeowner Shawn Draper. "The most significant change was the replacement of the original wood windows with vinyl home windows from Simonton."

The Drapers selected vinyl replacement windows with Low E/Argon-filled gas IGUs and the Intercept spacer system for maximum energy efficiency. Sculptured colonial grids and smooth white hardware help the home replacement windows blend into the structure. A strong achievement, since the exterior walls of the house consist of three thicknesses of brick (used for insulation in the 1800s) and eight-inch deep window sills.

"The original windows were functional 'swing in' units to maximize airflow throughout the home," says Draper. "Simonton was able to offer us the same window configuration with out-swing casements on the bottom and fixed units above that matched the existing window openings. This allowed us to keep the original sightlines of the  home and retain the historic look."

The Vienna, West Virginia Federal-style antebellum house was built in 1839 on the banks of the Ohio River and has access to the famed Underground Railroad through a hall closet. "This house still has the original servant sleeping room and the underground passage tunnel to the river," says Draper. "Knowing this was used decades ago gives the house its character. And now, the remodel project has made this home more livable for many years to come."

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