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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Safe and Secure by the Sea

Tucked back several blocks from the Atlantic Ocean in Avalon, New Jersey sits the new home of Eric and Bianca Angstadt. Constructed as a shore retreat, the 3,700-square foot home boasts a unique interior design, ocean views from the top floors and low-maintenance vinyl windows with impact-resistant SafePoint glass packages that help protect the home from severe weather, sound penetration and burglary attempts.

Designed by Bianca Angstadt, the Avalon home features a multitude of Simonton ProFinish® Brickmould 600 windows and patio doors to capture views from every angle and allow in natural daylight.

"I poured 25 years of design experience and passion into this home," says Bianca Angstadt, owner of Designs by Bianca. "Windows in this home were a major design element for me. "I requested bench seat windows in the front of the home for viewing the ocean and massive windows on the top two floors to connect us with the seaside setting."

For the multitude of windows and patio doors in the home, Studio One Architects out of Avalon, New Jersey, specified impact-resistant SafePoint glass packages.

"There are many reasons why we specified the SafePoint glass package in Simonton windows for this and other shore area homes we design," says Steven O'Such, a designer with Studio One Architects. "First, there are code considerations because we're so close to the ocean. But, more importantly, it's a convenience aspect. Many of the homes here are secondary homes for people. If there's the threat of bad weather these homeowners don't have time to make the trip to Avalon and board or shutter up their windows. That's time consuming, expensive and unsightly. The SafePoint glass packages greatly reduce the need for boarding up windows and unsightly storm shutters."

"With the impact-resistant SafePoint glass in these windows the homeowners know their windows are working 24-7 to help protect the home. The glass package greatly reduces the need for boarding up windows and unsightly storm shutters. These windows also help reduce sound penetration into the home from noisy traffic conditions, are extremely energy efficient to help reduce energy bills, and, they resist burglary attempts, so there's tremendous peace-of-mind for the owners."

For more benefits of SafePoint glass, see New SafePoint Glass Keeps Noise Outside the Home.


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