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Monday, July 2, 2012

Safe and Secure with SafePoint Glass Package


         Are the bangs and pops of firecrackers celebrating the 4th of July sounding too loud inside your home? Then the next time you build a house, request Simonton’s new SafePoint™ impact-resistant laminated glass package option available in Simonton ProFinish® Brickmould 600 new construction windows and doors.


“No matter where you are located in America, if you’re building a new home, SafePoint glass should be a key specified product,” according to Ken Kubus, coastal market manager for Simonton Windows.


“With this glass package homeowners gain instant peace-of-mind for protection against severe weather and potential intruders. And, this amazing glass also helps prevent unwanted outside noises from entering the home, which is especially needed if a house is located in a high traffic area, near an airport, railway or urban center.”


Check out the special features of the SafePoint glass package before ordering windows for your next home!


                              ---- Protection – No storm shutters needed. 24/7 protection. Meets

                                    ASTM E1886-05/1996-09 test at Missile “C” level.

---- Sound Reduction – Sound Transmission Rating (STC) of 32-36 to dramatically reduce unwanted noise infiltration into the home.


---- Security – Durable interlayer in laminated glass extremely difficult to penetrate, even with repeated blows by a heavy object. Helps deter potential intruders. Helps protect the home and valuables inside; complements alarm systems and deadbolts for greater home security.


 ----  Energy Efficient – Effective barrier against heat transfer. Helps lower heating and cooling costs while keeping home comfortable year round. Helps prevent much of sun’s ultraviolet rays from penetrating home to help preserve carpets, artwork and furnishings.


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