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Monday, March 17, 2014

Say "NO GREEN" this St. Patrick's Day!

What's green and NOT what you want to see on St. Patrick's Day --- or any day? Mold.

But, if you have wood windows, or even dirty window sills, look closely and you may see green or black mold.

Mold can grow in any location as long as it has an organic food source --- such as wood, cardboard or paper. However, according to The Mold Services Group, a division of GHH Engineering, Inc., vinyl is not an organic food source, so mold cannot grow on vinyl window frames.

However, if even tiny particles of organic debris are found on or around the surfaces of a vinyl window in a moisture-rich area, homeowners can potentially find mold growth. What makes up this debris? It can be anything from microscopic fragments of pollen to animal dander to insect pieces to normal household dust.

What's the solution? Cleaning. Experts at Simonton Windows recommend routine cleaning of vinyl window sills and surfaces to help eliminate the remote possibility of mold growing on vinyl windows. By removing organic debris, such as dust and dirt, you will help keep your vinyl windows free of mold spores. Don't stop with the inside of the frames either ... make sure to clean the outside of your windows.

So, this St. Patrick's Day, keep the green --- and the black --- mold away from your windows by spending a few minutes cleaning.

Visit Tips on Caring for Your Windows for more ways to take care of your home vinyl windows!


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