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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Simonton Helps Take the "Brrrrrrrr" Out of Winter

Brrrrrr ... with the frigid temperatures outside, now is a great time to think about window replacement!

Simonton energy-efficient windows are the perfect solution if you're experiencing drafts and cold temperatures coming into your home through older windows.

U.S. Department of Energy experts have put together a three-step checklist of information for homeowners considering a window replacement project. Start by considering the design of your home and the climate in relationship to the energy performance of the windows you select. Next, select windows that meet your energy performance requirements. Finally, take the steps necessary to ensure the proper installation of windows to maximize their energy efficiency. In-depth details on these three steps can be found by clicking HERE.

At the ENERGY STAR website, homeowners can also find an online view of potential cost savings when upgrading to ENERGY STAR windows for the home. Just click HERE for the full list.

For more energy saving ideas visit the Simonton website by clicking HERE to learn what makes a window energy efficient and to order free replacement window literature!

For more information, visit Cold Weather Window Evaluation Tips and Window Check-up.




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