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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Simonton Launches New Asure Product LIne

Based on design input from consumers and remodelers, Simonton has introduced the new Asure line of energy-efficient replacement windows and patio doors. Created to maximize the amount of natural daylight that enters the home, Asure products are available in Double Hung, Slider, and Picture window styles, along with a variety of popular geometric styles and patio doors.

Available nationwide, Asure windows feature a two “stepped” sill design for better resistance to water and air infiltration. Simonton’s patented Lap-Lok® Meeting Rail and thick fin seal weatherstripping also help ensure a tight seal against wind and rain. The sill “chambers” are uniquely designed for added strength and durability, providing peace-of-mind to homeowners investing in these replacement windows.

Energy-Efficiency and Aesthetic Appeal

Simonton Asure windows can be ordered with design pressure (DP) ratings of up to 50. The new window incorporates a triple-stepped sill when DP ratings from 35 to 50 are selected. Asure products meet ASTM and AAMA Gold standards when installed according to manufacturer’s instructions.

Asure windows and patio doors can also be ordered to meet ENERGY STAR® criteria in all areas of the country.

On the exterior of the window, a stylish frame enhances the window’s aesthetics and increases curb appeal. For the interior of the home, the affordable Asure windows incorporate a constant force balance system, requiring minimal effort to operate the sash. A longer sash stop in the lower sash has also been added for increased support and ease of operation.

Available in white and tan, Asure products can be ordered with Flat or Sculptured grids in Colonial, Diamond, Perimeter, Prairie or Victorian patterns. A Double-Lifetime Limited Warranty provides peace-of-mind for homeowners.


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