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Friday, May 16, 2014

Simonton StormBreaker Plus Products Don't Get a Beach Break

Oceanfront views from the Blue Surf Condos in Bethany Beach, Delaware are an everyday occurrence. Because the seaside mixed development of 14 condominiums and a dozen retail shops sit right on the ocean, the selection of windows for the project back in 2008 was an important decision.

To capture the views, builder Coleman Bunting of Bunting Construction in Selbyville, Delaware recommended impact-resistant Simonton StormBreaker Plus windows and doors. The insulating glass unit in the windows and patio doors features impact-resistant laminated glass, which consists of a durable interlayer sandwiched between two pieces of glass, along with an outer layer of tempered glass.

"The high-performance laminated glass in these products is designed to help resist strong winds and penetration from windborne debris," says Bunting, president of Bunting Construction. "We have not a hurricane since the windows have been installed, but we've checked and the windows have not leaked in the oceanfront location."

Thanks to the outstanding performance of the new construction windows, Bunting and his team have switched from another manufacturer's products to Simonton Windows for all their developments --- including their newest 300-unit project.

According to Blue Surf Condos developer Gerald McCabe, the Simonton StormBreaker Plus windows and doors bring peace-of-mind to the long-distance owners of the condo units. "There's no 'shuttering up' or 'boarding up' of these units --- the windows are on guard 24-7. That's been a great selling point for these condos and makes our homeowners extremely happy.

"The boardwalk area can get fairly noisy during the summer. When inside with these windows and doors closed, you can't even tell you're at a premier beachfront location. That's how impressively these units control noise infiltration."

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