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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Simonton StormBreaker Plus Windows Help People Sleep Easier

For more than a decade the Hardin family has enjoyed life on the Florida coast.

"When the opportunity arose to purchase our beachfront property, we got extremely serious about researching the home's design, construction process and building products used to create our family's retreat," says homeowner Rich Hardin. "The windows were one of our most important investments.

"Local building codes and restrictions played a big role in the products we selected. Once we saw the Simonton StormBreaker Plus line, we were sold. The combination of the window strength, energy efficiency benefits and low maintenance vinyl frames completely convinced us these were the only windows for our home."

Window contractor Ken Branholm didn't hesitate when recommending the Simonton StormBreaker Plus windows to the Hardins.

"I've done my research and these are the most durable impact-resistant products on the market," says Branholm, president of Florida Georgia Contractors. "Every project we've installed with these Simonton products has been a winner --- both from a security and UV protection standpoint.

"Everyone wants a view of the ocean while having the peace-of-mind that their home is secure. I sleep easily at night no matter what the weather because I know my customers are sleeping just as comfortably in their homes."

See Weather Museum Relies on Simonton StormBreaker Plus Windows and Homeowners Invest in Simonton StormBreaker Plus Windows for more details on impact-resistant Simonton products.

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