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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Simonton Windows Becomes Lifetime Founding Sponsor of Lead Safe America Foundation

Simonton Windows has taken another step forward in fighting lead poisoning. The company has become a Lifetime Founding Sponsor of the Lead Safe America Foundation.

Simonton is the first and only national window manufacturer to support the worldwide efforts of the non-profit organization as it reaches out to protect children from the hazards created by lead found in their homes, schools, childcare centers, playgrounds, parks and environment.

"We're proud that Simonton Windows has stepped in to join our fight against lead poisoning," says Tamara Rubin, executive director of Lead Safe America Foundation. "Simonton stands head-and-shoulders above other window companies in their ongoing efforts to educate homeowners about associated risks and problems with lead paint in older homes. Their 'Get the Lead Out' campaign complements our ongoing educational efforts at the Foundation and has helped many people gain a greater understanding of lead hazards in the home."

The Lead Safe America Foundation (at was launched in 2011 by Rubin, a lead poisoning prevention and awareness advocate.

Simonton Windows fully supports the education of homeowners related to lead safety issues. The company's microsite and informative YouTube video (available at are available free for homeowners, contractors and Simonton customers to gain additional information on this important safety issue.


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