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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Simonton Windows Homeowner Booklet Explains Condensation in the Home

February is a key month for homeowners to express concern about condensation on their windows. The house is closed up for the winter and anything from houseplants to a steamy bath can create excessive moisture in the home.

To explain condensation to consumers, Simonton offers the “Understanding Condensation in Your Home” brochure. Sales people, industry professionals and consumers may call 1-800-746-6686 to request a free copy of the brochure.

            A few tips from the brochure include:

  • - Windows do not cause condensation --- they simply prevent the moisture in the home from escaping to the outside.
  • - If homeowners see excessive moisture on their windows, walls or ceilings, they should take proactive steps to reduce the humidity level in the home by using exhaust fans and dehumidifiers.
  • - Invisible water vapor is everywhere in the home. The key is to monitor the levels of moisture in their homes and then take steps to manage the humidity levels. Try opening a window in the bathroom, storing firewood outside and opening curtains and blinds to allow more circulation around your windows. Also properly vent clothes dryers, gas appliances and stoves.
  • - Open curtains and blinds to allow more air circulation around your windows.


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