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Thursday, December 19, 2013

Staying on Top of Social Media

If you've been in this business for more than five years, you've seen a dramatic change in how consumers are researching, purchasing and talking about their window projects. Social media interaction on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and an abundance of blogs has transformed the selling experience ... and customer follow-up.

Just a decade ago homeowners were starting to rely on the Internet for some research before making a window purchase ... and they may have spoken with friends for referrals along with getting ideas from home improvement magazines and television shows. Today however, social media has "sped up" and "opened up" both the research and feedback processes for homeowners.

A quick request on Facebook or a Tweet to friends may be all that a homeowner needs to get started in finding a window installation expert. What does that mean to you if you're a window installer? You need to pay extra close attention to the impression you're leaving with your current customers so they'll think positively of you both during and after their installation experience.

Think of it this way: the same day you finish a home window replacement job your customer could post either of these messages on their Facebook page that reaches hundreds of people --- "Three cheers for the team at JJJ Windows for the great job they did getting all our new Simonton windows installed. We couldn't be happier!" or "Stressed out --- so glad the window installation by JJJ Windows is finally done and I can get my house back." Which one would you prefer?

A key way to make sure the second comment doesn't appear is to take time both during the window replacement project and at the end of the project to have one-on-one time with your customer. Ask if the project experience is moving smoothly for them and meeting their expectations. Ask if there's anything different you could be doing to make the experience easier for them. And, ask them if they're satisfied enough with the work you've completed to give your company a positive review.

By getting feedback immediately on the job site, you can increase the chances that your customers will post positive comments about your company ... which can lead to more business referrals in the future.

Visit Remodelers and Builders: Ask Your Customers for a Local Online Review! for more ideas on how to increase your social media presence.

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