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Friday, November 22, 2013

Tips for Selling Windows During Colder Weather

Are your window replacement sales dropping with the thermometer? Colder weather months doesn't have to mean a big drop in sales. 

Homeowners often put off a winter window replacement job until spring because they think it means opening up their homes to frigid air and blowing snow. Experts at Simonton Windows recommend calming those worries by assuring homeowners that winter window replacement projects can be done quickly and effectively. 

If you're a contractor or window replacement specialist, feel free to use these tips to warm potential customers up to the idea of window replacement and close more sales throughout the winter months.

Tip #1: This Won’t Take Long. Educate homeowners that windows can be installed effectively in colder weather. Assure them that you are used to performing window replacement projects during all seasons and types of weather. According to Simonton research, the approximate time a rough opening is exposed to “the elements” during a standard double-hung replacement window job is around 15-20 minutes. 

Tip #2: One Room at a Time. Assure homeowners that to minimize cold air moving throughout the entire home you will close off the rooms as the replacement work is being done. Often, this is as simple as closing the door to that room. For example, a bedroom window replacement only allows the cold air into that one room for a short period of time. 

Tip #3 – Use Properly Certified Materials. Inform your customers that you are comfortably prepared for cold weather window installations. Share with them that there are many caulks and weatherization products specifically engineered for secure adhesion and sealing when applied in colder temperatures. 

Tip #4: Talk Dollars and Sense. Help homeowners understand that winter can be an ideal time to replace older windows with newer, energy-efficient windows. They will more than likely notice an immediate improvement in their room temperature as soon as their windows are installed. Getting control of the room temperature helps control heating costs. 

Tip #5 - Get in the Spirit. Provide gift cards for consumers who book a window replacement job with you before the end of January. This allows them to have cash on hand for the holidays, while providing you guaranteed business during one of the slowest months of the year.

For more tips on working with homeowners, visit Window Replacement Made Easy.



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