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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Top 5 Simonton Windows of 2013

What were the top five styles sold most often by Simonton Windows in 2013? See our list below for those windows that homeowners are requesting most often to provide them with stunning views!

Double Hung – The #1 most requested window opens from both the top and the bottom to allow maximum ventilation in the home. Both sash (top and bottom) operate independently on a Double Hung window. This allows you to keep the bottom sash closed and open the top sash for ventilation in the home. This is a great style choice if you have young children or pets at home because it enhances the ability to get fresh air into a room from the top of a window while keeping the bottom sash closed for safety.

Casement –A good option for older homeowners and aging Baby Boomers who don’t wish to strain their backs with the “push and pull” action of a Double Hung window, the Casement window cranks open. The sash are hinged on the side and the window cranks open a full 90 degrees for maximum ventilation.

Picture – For those homeowners wishing to capture a full view of outdoor life, a Picture window is the solution. This fixed unit doesn't open at all, and is sometimes flanked on both sides by operable windows to allow in ventilation.

Bay – Dreamy and dramatic, Bay windows are created by mulling together three windows at either 35 or 45 degree angles. The windows can be a combination of fixed and operable units, or they can all be operable or all be fixed. These focal point windows are oftentimes found in key areas of the home including living rooms, kitchens and master bedrooms. Oftentimes a seat bench is worked into the Bay window to make a cozy nook in the room.

Bow – Bow windows are more “rounded” in appearance than a Bay window. They are generally created by placing windows at 10 degree angles. Whereas a Bay window has three units, a Bow window can have three, five, seven or nine separate windows mulled together as desired. These unique windows allow homeowners to create a curved wall in a room with either Picture or operable Casement windows.

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