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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

UNDER CONSTRUCTION: Custom Home Built with Simonton ProFinish Brickmould 600

Christopher Ryan Homes has been building luxurious new homes for five years in the Orlando marketplace. So when owner Ryan Sheehan decided to build his own custom home, it was no surprise that he chose the best products imaginable ---including more than 70 Simonton ProFinish Brickmould 600 windows. Now under construction, the home is scheduled to be finished in June.

Working with FAS Windows and Doors, Sheehan selected the Brickmould 600 series because of  the classic styling of the windows that feature an attractive multi-tiered exterior. Premium designer options and high performance glass packages enhance this series that offers low-maintenance,  beauty and energy efficiency. For his home, Sheehan selected ProSolar Shade Low E glass with Argon gas to provide extra energy efficiency assistance in the hot Florida environment.  

The Low E glass package in the new construction windows in the home meet ENERGY STAR requirements. The invisible Low E coating applied to the glass surface by Simonton in the vinyl window manufacturing process reflects infrared light, keeping heat inside the home in the winter and outside in the summer. It can also help block damaging ultraviolet rays from entering the home.

According to the Florida Solar Energy Center, ultraviolet radiation is the single largest contributing factor in the fading of fabrics, carpets and other home furnishings. Although visible light, electric lighting, heating, humidity, age of fabrics and fabric dyes all play a part in the process, UV radiation is attributed to 40 percent of the damage. And, as many homeowners know, UV penetration into the home can occur in both hot and cold climates, and even on cloudy days.

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