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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Understanding Social Media

Do you tweet, use pinboards or are you a “Houzzer?” Do you even know what these terms mean?

Thanks to a fast and easy breakdown provided in the September 2012 issue of ProSales magazine we can share with you eight key social media ways to build your audience.

            1 – Facebook – 955 million users. Start a site for your business.

  • Post four times each week
  • Post links to your company blog
  • Join groups to increase visibility for your business
  • Grow networks by asking clients to “like” your pages
  • Do not buy “likes” or pay to promote your posts


2 – YouTube – 870 million users.

  • Videos rank high in search engines, and YouTube is often used to search.
  • Videos make personal connections.
  • Promote videos offered by manufacturers who you do business with.
  • Keep your original segments under 90 segments


3 – LinkedIn – 175 million users.

  • Create a profile.
  • Join groups to reach potential customers.
  • Use as networking tool with colleagues, vendors, manufacturers, builders and remodelers.


4 – Twitter – 170 million users.

  • Fast way to communicate with people and post information.
  • Uses hashtags/lists.
  • Use to respond to questions quickly.


5 – Pinterest – 37 million users.

  • New and growing fast.
  • Ideal for showrooms and posting pictures on “pinboards”
  • Users are primarily women with higher income.


6 – Houzz – 2 million users.

  • Create project image galleries to show clients.
  • Create and edit custom collections.
  • Use as tool to help clients with design/product decisions.


7 – Blogs – Unlimited locations.

  • Create a blog for your company.
  • Update with short stories (usually 150 – 350 words) and pictures at least once per week.
  • Trends and tips are popular.
  • Use to post success stories of your customers.
  • Include a feedback/comments section.


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