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Friday, February 14, 2014

Valentine's Day Message for Window Shoppers

When it comes time to purchase replacement windows for your home, you'll fall in love if you just remember four important letters: AAMA.

AAMA stands for “American Architectural Manufacturers Association.” For 50 years AAMA has provided independent product performance information on windows and doors. And, the AAMA Certification Program is the only program in the window and door industry that requires components used in the finished window and door assembly to pass their own set of performance tests.

According to experts at Simonton Windows, consumers should look for windows and doors that meet the AAMA tests for structural integrity that withstand wind loads.

While some companies choose to participate in selective parts of the AAMA curriculum, Simonton Windows participates in every aspect of the stringent Gold Label Certification. This is the highest testing level possible from AAMA and ensures that all aspects of manufacturing, quality, training, component certification and overall product certification are in line with all documented AAMA standards.

Meeting Gold Label Certification assures a homeowner of purchasing the highest standard of energy-efficient window available in the marketplace that has been rigorously tested according to AAMA requirements for structural strength and resistance to air leakage, water penetration and forced-entry. For more details and to fall in love with your replacement windows, click HERE.

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