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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Window Replacement Made Easy

We've heard it all at Simonton Windows. Homeowners call us with concerns about window replacement projects and we're happy to set their minds at ease.

Interested in some of the top worries of homeowners? Here they are, along with tips to make your vinyl replacement window project a success.

            Concern #1If they take out all my windows, the house will look like Swiss cheese and we’ll have birds flying in the house!

            Fact: Window replacement is a progressive project. Only one window is taken out at a time and then the opening is immediately filled with the new window. Most often, installers close the doors to the rooms where replacement windows are being installed to temporarily help prevent major heat loss during the installation process.


            Concern #2It’s too cold outside to replace the windows.

            Fact: Windows can be installed effectively in colder weather. Professional contractors are used to performing window replacement projects during all seasons and types of weather. According to Simonton research, the average time a window space is “open” during a replacement job is just 8 to 10 minutes.


            Concern #3Replacing our windows is a large and intimidating process. It may be better for us to just put this off.

            Fact: From the very first day you replace your older windows, energy-efficient replacement windows you should see a drop in your energy bills. Like any home improvement project, there’s research to be done beforehand when you invest in new windows or patio doors. Dozens of websites are available to provide step-by-step assistance, including


Tips for Preparing for a Window Replacement Project

            To further assist homeowners in gaining confidence and moving forwards with a window replacement project, the experts at Simonton Windows have developed these tips:

            Tip #1 – When selecting a window installer, make sure to request paperwork that assures you the entire installation team is bonded and insured. Also check their references and call past customers.

            Tip #2 – Remove window treatments (including shades and blinds) before the installers arrive to give them easy access to your windows. Also remove glass ornaments and items that are near the windows, ledges and sills.

            Tip #3 – Kids, pets and contractors --- they’re like oil and water. For safety sake, make arrangements to keep young children and family pets secured and away from workers at all times.

            Tip #4 – Double check the paperwork that comes with your new windows. If you requested ENERGY STAR qualified windows, make sure the stickers are on the windows. Your installer will be checking to make sure each window comes in perfect condition, but you should also look over the windows. And, make certain to save your window warranty information in a secure location.

            Tip #5 – Pre-determine with your installer how much space will be needed to operate inside and outside your home for each window. Some furnishings may need to be moved away from windows or covered up. On the outside, ladders may need to be used in gardens or bush areas to reach the windows for replacement.

            Tip #6 – Decide and communicate with the installation team which doors you wish them to use to gain access to your home, which restrooms are available to them, and what procedures you feel most comfortable with for home access.

            Tip #7 – Ask about cleanup. There can be a fair amount of dust and mess that comes with a window replacement project. Find out the company’s policy for clean-up after the installation and for removal of the older windows from your home.

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