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Sunday, October 7, 2012

Window Safety a Common Theme in Several October Awareness Campaigns – Part I

Fire Prevention Week (October 7-13) is he ideal time to focus families on safety and windows in the home.

“There’s a common denominator of window and door safety in each of these public awareness campaigns,” says Gary Pember, vice president of marketing for Simonton Windows. “Homeowners should familiarize themselves with the operating and safety features of their windows and patio doors to help make their homes safer. From practicing fire drills with children to using locking hardware on windows, consumers need to actively participate in safety and security practices in the home.”

Experts at Simonton Windows offer these tips:

Home Safety Window Tips

Tip #1 - Practice fire safety drills regularly. Small children tend to “hide” from fire, so make sure children are familiar with planned escape routes and know how to move quickly out of the home. For homes with bedrooms on second floors or higher, make sure safety escape chain ladders are under the bed in every room. Practice operating the window with older children and show them how to use escape ladders.

“Have Two Ways Out!” is the theme of the nationwide 2012 Fire Prevention Week. Details and helpful tips can be found at

Tip #2 – If a door is not safe to exit through during a fire, exit through an open window, using an escape ladder if necessary. Avoid breaking the glass in a window whenever possible, because it could cause serious injury.

Tip #3 - Never put nails or screws in a window frame to hold up holiday lights or decorations. Also, do not glue, staple or tape lights to a window frame. All of these activities can be potential fire hazards and can impede the successful operation of the window.

Tip #4 - Do not place lit candles on a window sill, nor the sash.

Tip #5 - Never decorate windows with anything that could impede them from opening quickly, in case you need to use the window as an escape route during an emergency. For example, don’t wrap garland or artificial pine branches around the window hardware.

Tip #6 - Although tempting, do not spray “fake snow” from aerosol cans on your windows. The “snow” residue can be hard to remove after the holidays and can hamper the operation of your window if it gums up the sash or hardware.

Tip #7 - Don’t ever paint shut windows. Every window in the home must be operational in case of an emergency.

Tip #8-  Homeowners should plant shrubs, grass and place “soft landscaping” items like bark and mulch directly underneath windows to help lessen the impact should someone fall out the window.

For more information on Fire Prevention Week, which is sponsored by the National Fire Protection Association, click HERE.



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