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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Window Safety a Common Theme in Several October Awareness Campaigns – Part II

National Lead Poisoning Prevention Week (October 21-27), sponsored by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, is the ideal time to evaluate your home for hidden lead hazards.

Experts at Simonton Windows recommend starting with your windows.

Healthy Home Window Tips

Tip #1 – Determine what year your house was built. According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the routine opening and closing of windows painted with lead-based paint (primarily in homes built prior to 1978) can cause microscopic paint dust to be released into the air.

Tip #2 – Contact a window installation professional trained and certified in lead-safe work practices to determine if there is lead-based paint on or near your windows before performing any renovation, repair or replacement projects that involve windows or doors. Visit for more details.

Tip #3 – Evaluate your specific family needs. Research indicates that the everyday activity of opening and closing lead-base painted windows creates friction that then allows microscopic lead dust to enter the air. This is of special concern in households built prior to 1978, with young children who crawl on the floor. Toddlers put their hands in their mouths … and after playing on the floor near a window, they can easily transfer the lead dust into their mouths. The ingested lead can travel through the bloodstream to a child’s developing brain, potentially causing neurobehavioral damage.

Tip #4– Replace older windows --- especially single-pane windows --- using the EPA-approved lead safe renovation guidelines. Have your certified lead-safe contractor stabilize any significantly deteriorated paint and thoroughly remove lead-contaminated dust. Finally, perform dust wipe tests to confirm the absence of lead dust hazards after the clean up.

For more information on lead safety and windows, click HERE.





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