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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Work With Us

A unique public relations strategy for any remodeler or builder to grow awareness of your company is to make sure the manufacturers of your preferred building products know about your successful projects.

Think about it ... you've just completed a terrific-looking sunroom addition on a home or built a new home and your customer is exceptionally pleased with your work. Do you stop there? No. If you used Simonton windows in that sunroom or house, we want to know about, see and promote that project! (See Sunny South Carolina Sunroom)

How do you get started? Take pictures and contact Simonton. You can either work through your supplier or Simonton representative to share the information, or contact the marketing team with your photos and project information.

What can we do to help your business when you contact us about your project? You'd be surprised. We'll ask you a few questions and maybe talk with your customer. Then we'll have the ability to create a Simonton Facebook, SimontonSays blog and perhaps even a customer newsletter story --- all focusing on you and your client! We may even create a case study or a press release ... the options are endless.

Just like most manufacturers, at Simonton we're always looking for success stories dealing with our products. You can see many of them by clicking HERE and viewing our case studies. Or, go to our press room by clicking HERE and you'll see an abundance of press releases we've created and distributed to local and national media promoting special projects involving energy-efficient Simonton windows.

So, consider this an invitation. Look back at your best work involving our Simonton vinyl home windows and also look to the future. Identify and send us your favorite projects and we'll immediately consider them for free publicity opportunities. We're ready to brag about your successes ... just contact us!


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