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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Write Your Business Plan This December

In celebration of December as "National Write a Business Plan" Month, the team at Simonton Windows encourages you to review your plan for 2013 and start putting together a new plan that will lead you to business-building success in 2014.

How to get started? Begin by carefully evaluating your successes and failures in 2013. Those business strategies that worked and brought strong results should be repeated in 2014. Those activities that didn't do well should be eliminated. And, if you didn't have time to try a "winning idea" this year, don't abandon it ... put it in your plan for 2014.

Having a business plan gives you a road map to strengthening your business. It also provides you with a document you can share with employees so everyone is focused on the same company goals. And, very importantly, a business plan provides a "checks and balances" list of activities throughout the year to make certain you're moving forward with targeted steps to build your sales.

If you've never created a business plan before --- or you'd like to see samples of how others are writing their plans --- look no further than your computer. The Internet has terrific business plan samples and guidance that can provide you with great ideas. Here's a listing of some sites to check out:

- If you're looking for basic information on what a business plan is and how to use a plan, begin with Bplans online. This site takes you through the basics, offers articles and business plan formats to help get you started. Click HERE to get linked to Bplans.

- The U.S. Small Business Administration has a website dedicated to creating a business plan. It includes articles and advice on market analysis, organization and management, and how to make your business plan stand out. Click HERE for an instant link to that site.

- The eHow Money site online offers a multitude of fast-access information and step-by-step assistance when creating a business plan. Click HERE to see that site.

While you're building your business plan, don't forget to visit the Simonton "For the Pros" section of our website. Here you'll find selling tools, educational information and support for making Simonton Windows an important part of your 2014 business plan!  

Finally, click on this story Is a ProNetwork Membership in Your Future? to find other Simonton business-building advantages!


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