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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Remodelers and Builders: Ask Your Customers for a Local Online Review!

I recently attended a Webinar hosted by Surefire Social that highlighted the growing importance of getting great local online reviews. The presenter pointed out that business owners need to make local customer reviews (or testimonials) part of their business "culture" and ask for them after every project is completed--and the customer is satisfied.

Why are local online reviews so important for builders and remodelers? Consider the following:

  • The value of online reviews is increasing
  • Local customers are becoming more familiar with online review sites like Yelp! and Angie's List and are placing more trust in them
  • Facebook and Twitter have become powerful channels to post reviews and feedback
  • Online reviews give potential customers quick and easy access to information and allow them to make an easier informed decision
  • The growing trust in online reviews means that potential customers are prepared to make decisions based on less reviews

What are some things you can do to get more local online reviews from your satisfied customers? 

  1. Make it Your Business: Make getting testimonials part of your business "culture" and always ask happy customers to post something positive online about their experience. Research shows it is one of the most powerful forms of advertising and getting new business.
  2. Get Social: Provide customers with your Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Yelp! sites and invite them to get online and post their review on your pages, endorse you or post a positive tweet with a link back to your web site.
  3. Get the Picture: Always take "before and after" project photos. Provide them to your customers and ask them to post them to their social sites and mention your business (with a link to your site). Post them to your blog and social sites. Once posted, ask customers to write a review about their positive experiences
  4. Video Rules: Video has rapidly become a powerful social media tool. Search engines love it, and you should too! Create a short video "testimonial" review after a project is completed and post it to your YouTube channel, your web site or your social media sites. Homeowners love to show off their new homes or remodeling projects. And, you can also grab some great shots of them at the actual site.

With some organization and a few tools, you can begin to generate some positive word of mouth and powerful online reviews. These local reviews will help you gain more business and increase your chances of getting found in local online search results.

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