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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Cape Cod Transformation

Right after we got married, my wife and I purchased a 1955 Cape Cod home in Michigan with just 1,100. One of the first challenges was to replace the drafty original wood windows.

From my personal experiences on the jobsite, I knew Simonton products would be the ideal windows and doors for our home. They’re solidly constructed, energy efficient and dependable.

As part of the job, I added a Simonton Bay window to the front of our home and a Garden window to the kitchen. Adding more space with these windows made a huge difference in our living environment.

Best of all, by putting in our own “sweat equity” in the remodeling project we felt really connected with the house. Thanks to the ENERGY STAR® qualified windows our energy bills dropped significantly and we created a comfortable home before our first child arrived.

Product: Simonton Reflections
Name: Rob Fanjoy
State: Michigan

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