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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Depending on ProFinish

Today’s marketplace is highly competitive, so we rely on building products that set our homes apart.

Throughout Pennsylvania we have home buyers who depend on us to research, select and install the most durable, energy-efficient products possible for their new homes. The Simonton ProFinish Brickmould 600 windows we recommend are done so with confidence.

We’ve found that these durable vinyl windows, with their innovative Brickmould/J-channel design and attractive multi-tiered profiles, are aesthetically pleasing on a home exterior. The ease-of-operation and incredible energy-efficiency features make these windows a slam dunk winner with our building team and with the home buyer. Our team chooses the upgraded window packages which include Low E glass with Argon filling between the panes in order to provide our homebuyers with top-of-the-line energy saving features and benefits.

We’ve been a family-owned business since 1972, constructing homes throughout Pennsylvania and in parts of New York. With five offices, we offer both custom-designed and standard home plans in the 1,575- to 3,400-square foot range.

Product: Simonton ProFinish
Name: Mark Bittner
City: Winfield
State: PA
Zip: 17889


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