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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Stand out in the crowd with great curb appeal

This August Fypon is launching the first-ever National Curb Appeal Month and Simonton is joining the celebration.

National Curb Appeal Month is dedicated to helping homeowners add value to their home’s exterior. What is curb appeal? Curb appeal is simply how attractive a property looks from the street. According to real estate experts great curb appeal can add 15-20% of value to your home while poor curb appeal can devalue your home by 10%. With these statistics in mind Simonton is dedicating the entire month of August to helping you create phenomenal curb appeal your neighbors can be jealous of.

With the mass amounts of information about curb appeal floating around it can be difficult to decipher what the most important aspects of curb appeal are and where you should start.

“Different curb appeal elements, such as well-maintained shrubbery, decorative millwork and trim, colorful plants and an appealing front entryway can have a fast, positive impact on home buyers, “ says Niki Decker, senior manager of product and marketing at Fypon.

“If you’re putting your house on the market curb appeal is critical because it’s the first impression for potential buyers,” says Matt Minerd, Director of Marketing at Simonton Windows, “That’s why exterior replacement projects can offer the biggest bang for your buck. You can recoup more than 80 percent of your cost when replace your entry door or windows.”

Kate Smith, president of Sensational Color, says color is one of the most important aspects of great curb appeal. “Whether you’re adding a new component to the home’s exterior or sprucing up existing elements, color plays a major role in creating curb appeal,” says Smith. “The front door, shutters and trim are the ideal locations for major color additions that complement the overall color palette of the home.”

Other curb appeal elements you’ll want to consider include:

- Making sure your windows are clean

- Adding a fresh coat of paint to your front door

- Cleaning and resurfacing your walkways

- Fixing that sagging fence or leaning mailbox

- Adding outdoor lighting


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